Author Ion Puiu's New Book 'The Death Penalty for Karl Marx: Democrats, Socialism, and Slavery for All' is a Collection of Essays From a Firmly Conservative Perspective

Recent release "The Death Penalty for Karl Marx: Democrats, Socialism, and Slavery for All" from Page Publishing author Ion Puiu is a strident narrative that sheds light on what the author believes would be impending doom for an America governed by the Democratic party

Ion Puiu has completed his new book “The Death Penalty for Karl Marx: Democrats, Socialism, and Slavery for All”: a provocative discourse on America’s racial history and a fiercely right-leaning rejection of programs providing economic relief to the less fortunate as anti-democratic and opposing to a free society.

The author writes, "Life is unique. Everyone has a life for themselves. Reading books from an early age, I discovered that this is the strong and sure way to real freedom! This book is based on a special philosophy from the very first page to the climax. It starts with introducing the major needs of a successful human society.

-          Putting an immediate stop to criminality of all kinds

-          Respect anyone that is willing to put forth hard responsible work

-          When someone is given great power, do not become a dictator. The power we hold is only for a short time.

-          Politicians must stop being dishonest and respect American society. Shameless lying is not the way.

"Step by step, the book approaches its climax. The Democratic party is desperate to obtain power, by all means. Members such as J Nadler, Ocasio Cortez and their squad, A Shiff, Cuming, Booker, Nancy Pelocy and many more.

"Watch their faces when they talk about politics, their lies, and their ways to lure the people of the United States to vote for them. All while having nothing to offer in exchange! The real gift for their voters will be the punishment of death if they are to follow this corrupt socialistic type of governing, totally lacking human rights!

"Karl Marx deserves to die, even if this is a symbolic punishment to alleviate the suffering, crimes, and death of millions of innocent people. But why was his philosophy so bad? Because he was a confused person who created a social system that plagues numerous countries today. He has negated the basic nature of human beings.

"Everything is in this book! As I said, this book is symbolic, but the most important end result is to inform innocent people never to vote for Democrats, whose only interest is to be elected on their political socialist platform and later enforce their society.

"My hope is that the American society will be prepared to reject the Democratic political platform!"

Published by New York City-based Page Publishing, Ion Puiu’s engrossing book is a vehemently anti-Socialist conservative manifesto.

Readers who wish to experience this provocative work can purchase “The Death Penalty for Karl Marx: Democrats, Socialism, and Slavery for All” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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