Author Jeffrey A. Kolber's New Book "Where's Johnny Appleseed? the Way Forward to a New Global Economy" Envisions Prosperity for All Nations.

Recent release "Where's Johnny Appleseed? The Way Forward to a New Global Economy" from Page Publishing, author Jeffrey A. Kolber has written a thought-provoking exposition of a global economy that eliminates the pay-to-play version of capitalism which results in the disenfranchisement of entire populations and allows for the allocation of resources in a manner that is equitable to all.

Jeffrey A. Kolber, a retired information technology professional, has authored articles in well-known computer journals and keynote speaker at various seminars and symposiums, enjoys chess, and is a professional pianist. He has completed his book “Where’s Johnny Appleseed? The Way Forward to a New Global Economy”: a provocative thesis offering solutions to the economic failures and injustices endemic in the current global economy. Mr. Kolber shares, “The most important topic that has been getting worse since the .dot com crash and gulf war is the impact on the economy.”

After contemplating the instant deterioration of his net worth, this citizen has revisited the repetitive downfalls and has seen the middle class go up and down like a yo-yo. However, I have offered a novel re-structuring of our economy to cure these problems. And it is encapsulated in a “tell-it-like-it-is” review of not just changes to the Capitalist model, but a more fundamental shift that can be applied to all our global nations, whether they be governed by Communism, Stalinism, Monarchism or Tribalism. Mr. Kolber has named the underlying philosophy, which integrates all societies under one consortium of global leaders, as Humanitarian Socialism, whose goal is to work on behalf of the people and the planet yet not control a nation’s citizens. It functions to continually re-allocate a constant supply of labor, goods, services and resources to all economies using a managed resource pool of global collaborative production to accommodate different nations’ requirements (Demand) in lieu of a competitive market.

The reason for such a change is that Mr. Kolber has not seen any permanent remediation to recessions,or stock market crashes, as an example. Upon examination of our society’s ills, mistakes, leadership preferences, et al, it is the author's opinion that fundamental changes are required to the economic-political-social foundation to benefit all of us, not just a few groups of people. And so, the intent of these essays is to give our Citizens a way to think through it all while merging our own needs with the cultures and people of the other six-hundred nations on our planet, enriching each other as we progress in mutual harmony.

The new governance model operates as a consortium of all nations coooperating for the purpose of sharing and rebalancing all economies from a global perspective. With this concept, the book offers actual practical steps and charts showing how this can be accomplished.

Readers who wish to experience this unique, gripping and potent work can purchase “Where’s Johnny Appleseed? The Way Forward to a New Global Economy” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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