Irene Tjardes Betz's New Book 'You Can Consciously Create a Joy-Filled Life' is a Heartfelt Tome of Insights Dedicated to Refining One's Character

Recent release 'You Can Consciously Create a Joy-Filled Life' from Page Publishing author Irene Tjardes Betz is an enlightening narrative on the importance of improving one's self to promote positivity and compassion in life.

Irene Tjardes Betz, a Restorative Justice facilitator for the Loveland Police Department, has completed her new book “You Can Consciously Create a Joy-Filled Life”: an illuminating account that delves into the focus of upholding a mellifluous relationship to the self and others through faith, empathy, and optimism.

Author Betz presents striking points directed at nurturing one’s positive qualities and avoiding negative choices to better one’s foresight in life: “‘Consciously Creating a Joy-Filled Life’ helps the reader recognize those concepts that he can focus on to create a harmonious relationship with himself and others. He either contributes or contaminates by his thinking. Commitment, truth, trust, and good communication contribute to a peaceful and loving relationship while blaming, infidelity, domestic violence, negativity, and poor communication contaminate it. You create your life. Choose to do it consciously. Raise your consciousness by the secrets listed on the back cover and in this book.”

Published by New York City–based Page Publishing, Irene Tjardes Betz’s sagacious opus emphasizes willpower and conscious decision-making as pivotal virtues in jumpstarting one’s journey toward blessedness.

Readers who wish to experience this edifying work can purchase “You Can Consciously Create a Joy-Filled Life” at bookstores everywhere or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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