Jeffrey Leporati's New Book 'German Gold Roman Blood' is About the Author's Having Lived in Both Blue and White Collar Worlds and His Understanding of the Differences

Recent release 'German Gold Roman Blood' from Page Publishing author Jeffrey Leporati details how there is a disconnect between rulers and those they govern. Their power, and the people they wield, guides the historical narrative, often distorting the truth.

Jeffrey Leporati, a man who worked in management in a Fortune 500 company and as a laborer for a freight company, has completed his new book “German Gold Roman Blood”:  a riveting work that explores how sometimes, in rare moments of magnificence, by individual heroic, unselfish acts, all of rulers' bluster and pretense is rendered insignificant and is reduced to mere window dressing for simple souls in need of comfort and reassurance. 

According to Leporati, "For every great society, thousands will toil and suffer. Many will claim credit. Only one will have earned it. When magnificence was common."

Published by New York City-based Page Publishing, Jeffrey Leporati's intriguing work explores how in 9AD, German barbarians will rise up in rebellion. Annihilate 3 of Rome’s finest Legions, destroy a dozen forts, and drive the Romans from their land.

United, they will stop Rome’s northern expansion forever, and begin the destruction of Rome itself, saving Western civilization from an evil Empire. Erased from the record, is 52 days, that will change it all.

Readers who wish to experience this powerful work can purchase "German Gold Roman Blood” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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