Lana Bischoff's New Book 'SAVED' Unravels a Riveting Fantasy Across Different Worlds and Extraordinary Magic

Recent release 'SAVED' from Page Publishing author, Lana Bischoff, is an out-of-the-ordinary journey of a dying pre-teen who comes across a magical dragon without the knowledge that this encounter will forever change his life.

Lana Bischoff, a published poet and former member of the International Society of Poets, has completed her new book "SAVED": a gripping and potent fiction that follows the adventure of a young man and his new dragon friend across worlds full of wizardry and the unexplained.

Lana writes, "Timothy Larkin Baines is an orphan being raised by a loving household staff consisting of a cook, a butler, a house manager, and a maid. He is wealthy beyond belief, but his money will do him no good because he is dying. He knows only crippling pain and night fevers. His best friend is a Siamese cat named Preeney. Since his nightly high fevers, he now hears Preeney's thoughts and considers himself crazy.

His daily visits to a nearby pond will soon change his life forever. When a hatchling war dragon from another world befriends him, he thinks it's the luckiest day of his life. His Teska is the fiercest, most beautiful dragon ever, and she chooses him as her rider. What Timothy does not know is that if he dies, so does Teska. She must go to her world and prepare to bring Timothy back with her when he is closest to his end. The flight of death to the Ancient Ritual Chamber, if successful, will take him to Teska's world. It is a world of fantasy and wonder, a world of wizardry and magic, a world of war."

Published by Page Publishing, Lana Bischoff's wondrous tale will take readers, young and old, into a strange and beautiful trek of Timothy and Teska as they face and battle the threat of demise.

Readers who wish to experience this magical work can purchase "SAVED" at bookstores everywhere or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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