Marcus Van Der Heyden's Book 'Backyard Follies' From Page Publishing is a Gripping Tale About Family, Love and Ominous Events That Propel a Father to the Brink to Save His Family

Recent release 'Backyard Follies' from author Marcus van der Heyden is an intense narrative about a loving father who becomes embroiled in a dispute to possess another man's dog. But things go terribly awry when his young daughters suddenly disappear.

Marcus van der Heyden, who resides in Brooklyn, New York, and works as an advertising copywriter, has completed his debut novel “Backyard Follies”: a rousing work about devoted husband and father Malcolm, as he fights for the custody of an endearing dog against its despicable owner.

Author van der Heyden presents a touching plot that pulls at the heartstrings of any pet-loving reader: “Malcolm leaned back slightly, looked into his daughter’s moist blood-shot eyes. ‘What do you say we all go check out some shelters today? We can finally pick out a new kitty; one we know will be as lovable and adorable as Velvet. We’ll make a day of it, and visit every shelter around if we have to until we find the purrrfect match.’ With a feeble half smile and more sniffles, a disenchanted Madison replied, ‘I don’t know, daddy. I want Maple Bear. She was the best, sort of like Velvet, only bigger.’”

Published by New York City-based Page Publishing, Marcus van der Heyden’s riveting tale witnesses a happy family’s descent into anguish following a crushing legal fight over a dog that adored them more than its owner Clyde Fulton. To make matters worse, Malcolm and his wife are hurled into full-throttle panic when they discover the unthinkable — their young twin daughters have vanished.

Readers who wish to experience this whirlwind story can purchase “Backyard Follies” at bookstores everywhere or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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