Thomas A. Brigger's New Book 'Beyond the Higher Ground' is a Riveting Story About a Man's Redeeming Opportunity After a Harrowing Tragedy

Recent release "Beyond the Higher Ground" from Page Publishing author Thomas A. Brigger is a gripping tale of a man who journeys to find salvation from his loss, only to be caught in a dilemma of drugs and violence.

​Thomas A. Brigger, a builder, traveler, entrepreneur, and observer, has completed his new book “Beyond the Higher Ground”: an intriguing narrative of a man striving to rebuild his life after a depressing tragedy amid shocking effects of drug trafficking in his new environment.

Author Brigger shows that despite the harrows in life, the resilience of the human heart can always be relied upon: “Tasked with an assignment to manage the construction of a prison on a remote Appalachian mountaintop, Tucker Mason sees an opportunity to restart his life past the death of his wife and the recurring demons of his childhood. But strange occurrences at the house that he rented on Bright’s Mountain and the suspicion of drugs being smuggled through the prison construction site create distractions that lead to violence, intrigue, and his own imperilment. Struggling under the weight of loss and guilt, he encounters a world that he never knew existed in the shadow of the emerging prison. With a unique perspective on the human condition, Beyond the Higher Ground takes its reader through a historical glimpse of Southwestern Virginia to a powerful exposition of the drug crisis that has devastated the region and the abject brutality of those who deliver it.”

Published by Page Publishing, Thomas A. Brigger’s galvanizing opus provides a captivating plot that centers around a man’s desire for absolution being threatened by a nigh-unstoppable dilemma.

Readers who wish to experience this evoking work can purchase “Beyond the Higher Ground” at bookstores everywhere or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes & Noble.

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